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About us 

The BnTx INTERACT software is the long-held dream of Prof Con Yiannikas (Neurologist, Sydney) to consolidate the various components of treatment information into one simple system.


As a specialist in treating Movement Disorders, Chronic Migraine and Spasticity with botulinum toxin, Prof Yiannikas increasingly found that the important elements of daily practice management and patient treatment are often disparate and require recording and tracking in a congruous, efficient, and professional method and manner. These elements include patient history, signs and symptoms, dosage, dilution, batch number, injection location (muscle and surface anatomy), treatment effects, side-effects as well as reporting and patient monitoring.


Additionally, the case-based learning aspect of this type of intervention and the paucity of educational content at scientific congresses lends itself to a digital library that can be augmented and expanded over time. 

Lastly, in a relatively mature area of medicine that simply does not attract trial focus, the capacity to capture data prospectively from various clinics has enormous potential to advance treatment and patient outcomes.

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Prof Con Yiannikas

For many years and thousands of cases, I have been conscious of the fact that the employment of only generalised patient records (in various formats), manual recording and reporting, and the capacity to access quality resources have been wanted in this field, which are incredibly time-consuming, in and out of the clinic.

In fact, it has been a dream of mine to consolidate the requirements of maintaining optimal practice - a layered, graphical, live record of precise injection location, dose and dilution, integrated and simple patient signs and symptoms tracking, supportive anatomical visuals and footage, cases and presentations, and key efficiency advantages such as automated report generation. The ability to review my own data series and potentially link with a network in accumulating data and case understanding is very exciting.

BnTx INTERACT is owned by Neurology Interact Pty Ltd, and distributed under agreement by Interact Technology Pty Ltd. BnTx INTERACT has been developed with support from various sources of private investment and intellectual contribution.

BnTx INTERACT is administered with appropriate focus and regular review of related compliance, privacy, medical, commercial, legal, technical and financial matters.

All material and content intended to support good practice is reviewed by medical professionals prior to upload for suitability.

Frequently asked questions
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BnTx INTERACT is now available for eligible clinics in Australia. 

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