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Early-bird training & onboarding webinars

Register to one of our interactive training & onboarding webinars to get started with BnTx. Limited spots available per webinar - secure your spot today.

Ready to elevate your practice?

Book a meeting with one of our team members to learn more about our trusted clinic solution and how it will benefit your practice. Our BnTx INTERACT experts will answer any questions and help you to evaluate your needs.


Our 1:1 meetings are aimed at:

  • Clinics and their staff considering adopting BnTx INTERACT at their practice

  • Clinics and their staff getting started with BnTx INTERACT and want to expedite their onboarding and explore more features. 

Generally, the 1:1 meetings will include a live demonstration which will cover the following:

  • How to use the 4 major features/benefits of BnTx: targeted records, patient monitoring, administration & referral management, and the clinic resources. 

  • How simple it is to integrate BnTx with your current systems and how it will increase efficiencies and streamline your practice.

1 hour interactive demo + Q&A 

We recommend 2+ staff from your clinic to attend

To get the most out of the demonstration, it's recommended to register for a free trial account. To register for an account, click here.

Book a time in our meeting calendar.
What do you want to get out of this 1:1 meeting?
Frequently asked questions
Have questions about BnTx INTERACT? Find some of the most common questions here.
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