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Act local, contribute to global.

BnTx INTERACT unlocks the potential of the collective knowledge of injecting botulinum toxin in a secure setting.

A protocol-driven research platform, as well as an opportunity to compare datasets to the body of data

National and international anonymised datasets can be provided for comparison to individual practice. As muscles per diagnosis, dose and dilution as well as outcome measures are collected, data in relation to many variables such as preparation of toxin can be assessed.


The use of data in BnTx INTERACT is subject to guidance by an independent Scientific Advisory Board. The accumulation of data can validate clinical assumptions and assist in the understanding and improvement of treatment.


More accurate and accessible online records 

Structured, quick-access data inputs ensure consistency and reliable reporting. 
Supports decision making based on a complete view of patient

Validate clinical assumptions and unanswered questions and understand its impact and efficacy over time. 
Contributes to research with de-identified point-of-care data.

There are not many opportunities in which such a large cohort of meaningful data is securely collated. BnTx allows for extensive clinical research capabilities of daily practice.
Best practice assessments, scores & ratings 

BnTx INTERACT is developed in conjunction with leading physicians in neurology to ensure all essential assessments, checklists and protocols are integrated. 

Pre-injection suitability
Pre-injection suitability is a checklist completed prior to conducting a new session.
History of present illness (HPI)
Add comments on patients' HPI and view notes from previous assessments. You can also choose from pre-configured 'useful phrases' for more efficient note-taking.
Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 5.07.50 am.png
Participate in protocol-driven studies or test your own protocols

Track your own clinical hypothesis by defining your own protocols - alongside other standard protocols. Injection protocols can be added along side the PREEMPT injection protocol to cover any other injections series for other conditions. 

New injection protocol.png
All patient & clinic data is private & secure

BnTx INTERACT is a cloud-based software that upholds key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our data. Patients must provide consent prior to any data being shared to their referring physician and/or for research purposes. If consent is obtained, all data is de-identified.

Data potential for future integrations
BnTx INTERACT is an advanced platform capturing a magnitude of point-of-care data as well as insights into clinic performance. The system currently stores a significant volume of data with enormous means of potential. There are roadmaps currently being developed to maximise the impact of this data to produce robust clinical evidence and a 360 view of clinic performance.   
Compare your own practices to the body of data

Compare your own treatment and outcome dataset to national and international anonymised datasets. This not only could inform your practice but provide the potential for assisting prognosis and predictive values.
Patient app synchronised with the software

An integrated patient app to be released in 2021 for mobile, tablet & Apple Watch. Engage and involve patients in their treatment in order to optimise outcomes and satisfaction
Understand your business performance

Avoid business blind spots with 360 insights into your performance. Understand everything from visit duration and hours delivered to referrer trends. Receive monthly reports with key over-arching insights to keep track over time.
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