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No cost for specialist clinics.

Achieve new efficiency standards in treatment with botulinum toxin

No credit card required.

Capture injections. Recapture time. 

BnTx INTERACT is an intuitive, easy-to-use, cloud-based software for specialist clinics that administer botulinum toxin in therapeutics.

Getting started with BnTx INTERACT in your clinic is simple and takes a matter of minutes. It does not replace existing management systems, but complements them. 

BnTx INTERACT provides an extended free-to-use period for piloting in your clinic for 30 days.

At the end of your free trial, proceed with a monthly or annual subscription. All injectors and clinics connected to BnTx INTERACT have access to the full suite of solutions including exclusive educational resources.

Get started with BnTx INTERACT right away and follow the self-learning guide

No credit card required.

Book a time with a BnTx team member

Book a 1:1 meeting with one of our team members to learn more about BnTx INTERACT.


If you're getting started with BnTx or considering implementing BnTx at your practice, our experts will answer all your questions and help you evaluate your needs.

Years spent developing and fine-tuning our technology in specialty clinics prior to 2021 release. 
25,000 +
Recorded patient treatment sessions
500,000 +
Recorded injections
BnTx INTERACT helps streamline your practice and deliver optimal care 
Join like-minded clinicians using BnTx INTERACT to bring efficiencies to all elements of their practice whilst delivering top-tier patient care.
Improve accuracy & access

Plot precise injection location, dosage and dilution in an easy-access database. A centralised system to recall history efficiently, and access a wealth of educational resources and clinic management tools.
Less admin, more patients

Say goodbye to paperwork and scattered note-taking. BnTx complements existing systems, cuts consult time and captures patient and healthfund data.
Strengthen decision-making with real-world data

BnTx's smart technology generates powerful reports and visualisations to interpret patient outcomes and calculate improvement scores. 
Enhance patient comfort, convenience & confidence

The visual in-clinic nature of BnTx fosters patient education and involvement. Satisfy increasing patient demands for transparency with the BnTx Patient App (coming soon).
Promote better care pathways

BnTx automates customisable referral reports which include insightful imagery and clinical support. Makes things easier and faster for both you and referrers.
Be confident your data is secure & protected

BnTx observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our data.
Injection & treatment record 
  • 3D modelling & precise anatomical records
  • Pre-injection patient suitability checklists
  • Session histories
  • Validated scales 
  • In-built scores & ratings
  • In-built & custom injection protocols
Educational resources
  • Full access to frequently updated resource library including: educational webinars, case studies & continuous learning
  • Integrated surface anatomy, cadaver & EMG videos
Practice management
  • Auto-generated, clinic-branded referrer reports
  • Pre-written phrases for streamlined reporting
  • Electronic messaging
  • Secure, cloud-based storage of patient & referrer records
  • Complete integration with patient & referrer records
  • Cloud-based storage of notes, videos & files
Access & support
  • Help centre articles and onboarding videos
  • Training & in-house support included
  • Desktop & tablet-friendly interface
  • Access to educational resources via myINTERACT on mobile, tablet & desktop
Secure, cloud-based & certified
Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians
No hidden costs

The power of this is the centralised electronic data. It’s got tremendous potential for research.

Prof Steve Vucic

Frequently asked questions
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