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Frequently asked questions
Have questions about BnTx INTERACT? Find all the answers, organised by category:
  • What is BnTx INTERACT?
    The BnTx INTERACT software consolidates the many and varied components of conducting clinical practice using botulinum toxin. Treating Movement Disorders, Chronic Migraine and Spasticity with botulinum toxin comprises important elements of patient history, signs and symptoms, dosage, dilution, batch number, injection location (muscle and surface anatomy), treatment effects and side-effects. The BnTx INTERACT software exists to efficiently incorporate these elements into practice, as well as provide a window to ongoing teaching and learning resources, and capture of data.
  • What are the advantages of using BnTx INTERACT?
    BnTx INTERACT is a fully-integrated, secure software that offers a wide range of solutions including targeted records, in-built protocols and treatment history, interactive 3D models and surface anatomy, comprehensive educational material, automated reporting and referral management, and prospective data capture. BnTx INTERACT was designed to enhance the process, precision and effectiveness for injecting physicians and their patients. The software enables: Plot precise injection location, dosage and dilution, recall history efficiently. Increased confidence due to improved accuracy and access to continuous learning. Monitoring of patient care outcomes by capturing up-to-date, real-time data and relevant information during, and between consultations. Lower administration burden and elevated clinic awareness through enhanced referral management and automated reports.
  • How does it help my practice?
    Experience indicates that BnTx INTERACT will streamline processes in clinical practice via simple recording of injection information including dose, dilution and muscle location. The ability to easily access visual representations of previous sessions per patient saves time. Other time and resource-saving features include the automated reporting, which allows you to email a report to referrers immediately post-treatment. Educational content that is updated regularly keeps you in touch with continuous learning.
  • What's included in the BnTx INTERACT solution?
    BnTx INTERACT is an intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based application that offers all subscribers setup and training, ongoing support and regular updates and access to our full suite of solutions, which include: Targeted patient records: the ability to plot precise injection location and dosage via 3D graphics; in-built protocols, access to treatment history, and automated reports to save administration time. Clinical Resources: access to latest educational resources such as case studies, which are constantly accumulating. Administration & referral management: allows practices to send rich, visual and informative patient consultation reports to referring doctors. Patient app (coming soon): an app for patients to submit feedback on symptoms and access to clinician's notes and patient progress. Data Reports: allows you to review your own data summaries, as well as anonymised data from fellow injectors on BnTx INTERACT.
  • Who can use BnTx INTERACT?
    BnTx INTERACT offers various levels of access and user roles: Physician (P): has access to the Patient Management section and can add/edit patients, take assessments, record injections and run reports. Users with the 'Physician' role will also appear in the list of Treating Physicians. Nurse/Clerk (N): has access to the Patient Management section and can add/edit patients, take assessments, record injections and run reports. Admin (PA for Practice Admin): has access to the Administration section and can add/edit/remove other users, import patients, import referring physicians and make changes to the practice, including practice logo, practice name and contact details.
  • Does BnTx INTERACT work for injecting physicians working in multiple clinics/practices?
    Yes. As a web-based system, BnTx INTERACT allows for easy differentiation between multiple practices and locations in an efficient and easy to use manner. Information easily flows between all locations and remains up-to-date in real time.
  • Can I share my BnTx INTERACT username and password with other injecting doctors at my clinic/practice?
    BnTx INTERACT is designed as a single sign-in for an injector and his/her staff, for his/her patients. This is intended to reflect the most common injecting practices i.e. single injector with their own patients. Where there is shared staff but not shared patients, injectors should maintain separate sign-ins and set up for their separate patient loads and automatic reports. You are responsible for any activity that occurs using your user name and password. If others at your site require access to BnTx INTERACT for their patients, or the intended use is for multiple injectors on the same patient pool (such as a public clinic), please contact the BnTx INTERACT support team at
  • Is BnTx INTERACT free?
    BnTx INTERACT is provided at no charge for the first three months. The price after the initial period is dependent on your practice profile.
  • Will I have to pay extra for setup, training, or support?"
    Setup, training and ongoing support is included for specialist clinics.
  • What are the system requirements for BnTx INTERACT?
    Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome Monitor: Needs to support at least screen resolution 1680x1050 Operating system: Windows and Mac Printer: Recommended black/white or colour laser printer Internet: ADSL 2+, Fibre to the building (FTTB) or NBN via Ethernet BnTx Injection software URL:
  • How do I sign up to BnTx INTERACT?
    Please visit our BnTx INTERACT Registration webpage at for sign-up information. Here, you will have the option to register for an account immediately, or if you'd prefer, to request a demo with one of our team members. If you would like to register straight away you can do so by completing the form at this link - Once you have verified your email address, you can follow the self-learning guides within BnTx INTERACT to get started. A more detailed userguide is also available under 'Community and Resources' section. If you are at a site where others already have access to BnTx INTERACT, and you would like to sign up, simply reach out to either your site administrator or contact us at
  • How long does it take to setup BnTx INTERACT?
    BnTx INTERACT can be set up in your practice within a matter of minutes. All it takes is for clinic staff members to register for an account and import your patients and referring physicians into the system.
  • Is training required to use BnTx INTERACT?
    The BnTx INTERACT system is intuitive and simple to use and was designed so that injecting clinicians and staff members only need minimal training or can learn themselves without an official onboarding session. Once you have registered and have verified your account email,you can follow the self-learning guides or refer to the detailed userguide under 'Community and Resources'. You also have the option to book a meeting with one of our team members to receive a 1:1 live demo to familiarise yourself with the system. You can do this here.
  • Will my practice need multiple logins?
    Yes, every staff member you anticipate using BnTx INTERACT require their own account login. When signing up to BnTx INTERACT you are required to accept the End User Confidentiality Agreement, which outlines that each user is responsible for any activity that occurs using their username and password. If others at your site need BnTx INTERACT access, they can request their own account via the Site Administrator or by contacting the BnTx INTERACT support team at There are various access levels and user roles available in the system. Please refer to "Who can use BnTx INTERACT?" section of these FAQs.
  • What steps does BnTx INTERACT take to protect my data?
    BnTx INTERACT has never experienced a data breach. We take customer and patient data security very seriously. Our cloud-based software with automatic updates and patches are more secure than server-based products. Visit our privacy policy to learn more.
  • Where does BnTx INTERACT store my information and how do you keep it secure?
    Your information will only be stored on computer systems that are located in Australia. We implement strict technical and procedural controls to protect it. These include: Ensuring that access to our systems is highly restricted and controlled. Implementing physical and logical security measures across our organisation. Using strong encryption and masking techniques/tools to protect the flow of data. Limiting access to your information to specific staff who need it in order to perform a task or function. Security is everyone’s responsibility. Help us protect your information; don't use the same password twice and log out when you’re finished using the Platform. Learn more about our Privacy Policy here.
  • Who has access to my information and data?
    You and your verified staff members at your practice have access to your information. Some of the BnTx INTERACT support team can also access your information, but only when it is necessary to troubleshoot a technical issue or to perform a specific task. Our staff are professional, and they are legally bound to protect your confidentiality. We will never disclose you or your patients' information to anyone else without your express consent, unless we're required to do so by law.
  • Where can I find more information on security and compliance?
    You can access BnTx Privacy Policy here or you can contact our chief compliance officer at anytime at
  • Who do I contact if I need help?
    Technical Support: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST Critical support 24/7 Email: Support Materials: In-product: login to the client portal to access BnTx INTERACT's self-directed knowledge base and interactive guides General information: Email: Trialing or purchasing: Email: Privacy and compliance: Email:
  • I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?"
    If you have forgotten or need to reset your BnTx INTERACT password, click the 'Forgot your password?' link on the BnTx INTERACT login page and follow the prompts to reset your password.
  • Where do I go to login to BnTx INTERACT?
    Open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the BnTx INTERACT login page - If you do not have Google Chrome installed on your computer, follow these instructions to do so.
  • I don't have Google Chrome installed on my computer, how do I access it?"
    BnTx INTERACT is best used on the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. Installing Google Chrome only takes a matter of minutes. Follow these instructions to install.
  • Can I transfer data from my current system to BnTx INTERACT?
    Yes. BnTx INTERACT offers a complementary data import of your patient and referring physicians' demographics and information. This is done during the setup process. A BnTx INTERACT support team member will provide you with the necessary files and assist in implementing.
  • I am moving to a new clinic. How can I update my BnTx INTERACT account to the patients at my new location?
    If you are moving to a new clinic, we need to take verification steps to update your account. It is vital that only the patients' prescriber/physician and their medical staff have access to patient records. If you need to set up an account for a new clinic please contact us at
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