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Streamline administration & inform referrers.

All treatment information captured is summarised in a rich visual treatment record that can be dispatched immediately via email.

Reduces administration burden and positively impacts referrers

With over 30,000 treatment sessions recorded to date, BnTx INTERACT has demonstrated the capacity to save administrative burden and time. All inputs are captured automatically and organised into a signed report which can be immediately sent from BnTx to the referrer or any alternate destination. Visual and immediate reporting enhances the relationship with referrers, educating and informing them on treatment in a distinctive format.

Quick-access to patient & practice records for more coordinated, efficient care 

BnTx INTERACT enables centralised access to comprehensive patient information, referrer details, patient consent and treatment history; which means less time spent searching for results and reports.

Upload files and relevant notes 

An assessment option allows physicians to add examination notes, as well as upload any assisting files or videos for the particular patient and session that is being conducted.

Utilise pre-written phrases to generate examination notes per patient session at a fraction of the time previously spent manually.

More efficient & satisfied clinics

BnTx circumvents the need for costly and time-consuming administration enabling
you to reach your goals faster.  Everything is in a clear and structured format improving accuracy.
More patient referrals

Powerful referrer reports & visualisations enhances the dialogue and professionalism with referrers improving confidence in delivering the best care for their patients.
More opportunities to educate patients

The highly visual, intuitive reports can be emailed to patients as well as printed out at the clinic. This enables patients to have increased and active involvement in their treatment.
Securely share high quality referrer reports

Every session input automates a rich, visual and informative report to referring doctors. Reports are legible and structured and include such formats as 3D graphs of injection points, chart summaries and medical notes.


Reports are clinic-branded and customisable with the option to auto-generate text based on already recorded data input. Physicians can also upload their signature to sign reports automatically.

Single-step integration to get started
Getting started with BnTx INTERACT in your clinic takes a matter of minutes and does not replace your existing practice management softwares. All it takes is to import your existing patient and referring physician information which is immediately stored securely into the system.
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