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Capture, re-treat & track adeptly and visually.

BnTx INTERACT replaces the process of scattered paperwork, drawings and pads, note-taking, as well as searching for records and scales.

Adding injections with drop-a-pin like accuracy and efficiency


Physicians specialising in the administration of botulinum toxin are obliged to control the many elements of treatment. These include, but are not limited to: clinical assessment, tracking and recording of dose, dilution and muscle.


BnTx INTERACT has been developed by clinicians to record patient responses simply, and capture treatment with anatomic accuracy. Consolidation of all patient information and history in an easily recorded and accessible format supports treatment outcomes and maximises productivity in the clinic.

Improve accuracy & access

Plot precise injection location, dosage and dilution in an easy-access database. A centralised system to recall history efficiently, and access a wealth of educational resources and clinic management tools.
Less admin, more patients

Say goodbye to paperwork and scattered note-taking. BnTx complements existing systems, cuts consult time and captures patient and healthfund data.
Strengthen decision-making with real-world data

BnTx's smart technology generates powerful reports and visualisations to interpret patient outcomes and calculate improvement scores. 
Enhance patient comfort, convenience & confidence

The visual in-clinic nature of BnTx fosters patient education and involvement. Satisfy increasing patient demands for transparency with the BnTx Patient App (coming soon).
Promote better care pathways

BnTx automates customisable referral reports which include insightful imagery and clinical support. Makes things easier and faster for both you and referrers.
Be confident your data is secure & protected

BnTx observes key industry best practices and regulatory schemes to protect the security and privacy of our data.
Capture every element of botulinum toxin treatment

Go digital to streamline your office processes, your patient databases, and treatment histories and assessments. Everything is centralised and easily accessible whilst adhering to the highest security standards. 

Blepharospasm, Cervical Dystonia, Chronic Migraine & Hemifacial Spasm, Limb Spasticity, Hyperhidrosis and more
Patient information
Gender, occupation, condition first reported, first treated, treating physician, medical history, medications and more
Treatment record 
Medication, batch no., units, injection sites, muscle and anatomy location, injection protocols and more.
Pre-injection suitability and HPI, examinations, benefits and side effects, scores and ratings and more.
Intuitive & simple to use, save administration time and maximise time with patients.

Choose the way you prefer: populate details manually or select from drop-down lists. 

Add your own injection protocols Injection protocols can be added along side the PREEMPT injection protocol to cover any other injections series for other conditions. 

Pull up patient session histories when inputting a new cycle. Here, you have the option duplicate previous injection points or sessions. 

All of this information automatically fills out a visual report which can be emailed or printed for your patients or sent to their referring physician. 

BnTx INTERACT is a cloud-based web-browser tool for physicians and is also available on tablet.
The BnTx INTERACT app for tablet is available at the Apple Store and Google Play store
Streamlined access & efficiencies from education to communication

Resources at your fingertips

BnTx incorporates updated educational material, stay connected to best practice, efficacy and safety in treatment with botulinum toxin

Reports & referrals

All information captured & recorded is stored securely under the patient’s file. High-impact, visual reports can be generated instantaneously or to send electronically.

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