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2021 - a defining year for BnTx INTERACT

2021 saw the much anticipated launch of BnTx INTERACT after over 6 years of development and fine-tuning in specialty clinics. So how has the technology been received in the industry?

Sydney, Australia – 7 January 2022 BnTx INTERACT has been publicly available since August 2021 and already it has been described as the "new standard of care for injecting," as per Western Australian based neurologist, Dr Julian Rodrigues.

By the numbers:

In just over 6 months BnTx INTERACT has exceeded expectations in terms of adoption and expansion - as representative by the numbers:
  • 60+ clinics globally

  • 500,000+ recorded injections

  • 25,000+ recorded treatment sessions

  • 8 countries

By the technology:

The potential for BnTx INTERACT is endless, with many developments happening in the background based on user feedback. 2021 saw some new feature additions, such as:

  • More injection locations: BnTx INTERACT extended its reach to neurologists, rehabilitation physicians and dermatologists due to the addition of more muscles and anatomy such as the upper body, axillae, forearms and hands.

  • A vast library of educational resources: BnTx INTERACT's 'Community & Resources' portal contains a wealth of teaching and learning resources such as case studies, educational webinars, training modules; which are regularly updated. The collection now contains an impressive range of exclusive material by a variety of medical contributors.

By the feedback:

Feedback of BnTx INTERACT so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Have a read of what some of our valued customers have to say:

"It's such a commendable way forward. [BnTx has] been a welcome iteration and addition of the spasticity injection paradigms with virtually no muscle unrepresented in the software. It's a really intuitive, simple to use interface that provides great support for the clinician.

Dr Andrew Evans - Head of Movement Disorders, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC

"[BnTx INTERACT] is brilliant! It is unbelievably useful with clinician resources. It is very close to the real deal... As close as it gets.

Prof Tissa Wijeratne - Visiting Professor of Neurology at Western Health, VIC

"[BnTx] has revolutionised my practice on so many fronts. I think this should become a standard of care for injecting. I've used it to teach patients, trainees and my BnTx nurse the whole process of initiating and modifying protocols based on response. Patients who are either toxin naive or come from other injectors are blown away when I pull up the images and enter their plan live. I pull up their recipe and modify it and they love being a participant in the process.

Dr Julian Rodrigues - Consultant Neurologist at Hollywood Medical Centre, WA

“There are countless clinical questions we [injecting neurologists] have brewing that haven’t been answered definitively… (BnTx) is probably the only way to address such questions in a very large cohort; short of doing a very expensive prospective study.”

Prof Steve Vucic - Professor of Neurology at the University of Sydney, NSW

And this is just the beginning...

BnTx INTERACT has only scratched the surface of its plans in the botulinum toxin space. 2022 will see many more innovations, in particular, the launch of the BnTx INTERACT integrated patient app. Stay tuned...


Developed by healthcare technology company, INTERACT Technology Group, BnTx INTERACT is cloud-based healthcare software and online tool for clinics specialising in the injection of botulinum toxin across various conditions such as cervical dystonia, chronic migraine and spasticity. Designed by leading Neurologist, Professor Con Yiannikas and refined with input from other leading injectors, the software contains comprehensive clinical resources such as interactive 3D anatomy with movable muscle layers, surface anatomy, cadaver and EMG footage as well as case studies. In addition, simple inputs automatically generate a report for referrers, and a data suite allows you to track key aspects of treatment over time.

For more information:

Media Contacts:

Holly Whittaker

Communications Manager

INTERACT Technology Group

Anthony Avvenevole




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