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BnTx INTERACT now covers all therapeutic injection muscles required by botulinum toxin clinics

The software interface can be leveraged across neurology, rehabilitation medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, pain medicine and urology.

Sydney, Australia – 15 February 2022 BnTx INTERACT has been developed to allow accurate 3D recording and simple recall of botulinum toxin sessions and case graphics. With treatment effect parameters and easy video upload also present, the software has been designed for the busy clinic, and is supplemented by a comprehensive suite of educational resources.

BnTx INTERACT was originally limited to head and neck graphics for conditions such as Cervical Dystonia and Chronic Migraine. With the addition of muscles of the limbs and torso, as well as bladder and axillae graphics, BnTx INTERACT now includes all anatomy injected with botulinum toxin for therapeutic effect.

Co-founder and neurologist, Prof Con Yiannikas says this is a "major, and important, milestone" for the company:

"I am proud to advise that the BnTx INTERACT software now includes all target and ancillary muscles of the common, and less common indications, for the application of botulinum toxin therapeutically. Covering injections conducted across Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Pain Medicine as well as Urology.

The BnTx INTERACT clinic solution is available now to all clinics specialising in the treatment of botulinum toxin. To learn more, you can book a meeting on enquire here.

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Developed by healthcare technology company, INTERACT Technology Group, BnTx INTERACT is cloud-based healthcare software and online tool for clinics specialising in the injection of botulinum toxin across various conditions such as cervical dystonia, chronic migraine and spasticity. Designed by leading Neurologist, Professor Con Yiannikas and refined with input from other leading injectors, the software contains comprehensive clinical resources such as interactive 3D anatomy with movable muscle layers, surface anatomy, cadaver and EMG footage as well as case studies. In addition, simple inputs automatically generate a report for referrers, and a data suite allows you to track key aspects of treatment over time.

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