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Software that Supports BOTOX® Injectors Now Includes Upper Limbs

Flexor and extensor muscles of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb and fingers have been added to BnTx INTERACT; extending its use to neck and facial dystonias.

Sydney, Australia – 21 October 2021 It is not broadly known that for every person receiving botulinum toxin injections to reduce wrinkles, there is someone else that has been prescribed the exact same preparation due to a medical condition. Often, this condition is the limb spasticity that can be seen in up to a third of stroke victims, or after a traumatic brain injury-causing accident.

Botulinum toxin, often referred to by its most used brand, BOTOX® has the effect of stopping muscles from contracting. Making wrinkles relax and soften in smaller doses, botulinum toxin also blocks unwanted and painful contractions in the arms that characterise the condition of spasticity. The pain relief and functional benefits for many patients can be profound.

Doctors that specialise in this type of treatment have had access to the in-clinic supportive software, BnTx INTERACT, for certain medical conditions such as neck and facial dystonias (another type of repetitive and painful muscle contraction) since 2017.

BnTx INTERACT includes unprecedented resources such as 3D anatomical records, easy assessment and tracking parameters, automated reports as well as case studies and lectures for reference. Now, for the first time, flexor and extensor muscles of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb and fingers have been added. Combined with new assessment measures for these patients, the BnTx INTERACT software is now an even more capable standby for clinicians and supporting staff.

BnTx INTERACT has been in development and trialled in multiple neurology clinics in Australia since 2016. Already, it has recorded over 40,000 patient sessions and some 500,000 injections – making it the largest botulinum toxin database in the country. It is now available to botulinum toxin clinics in Australia and is soon to be launched globally. An integrated patient app is coming soon in 2022.


Developed by healthcare technology company, INTERACT Technology Group, BnTx INTERACT is cloud-based healthcare software and online tool for clinics specialising in the injection of botulinum toxin across various conditions such as cervical dystonia, chronic migraine and spasticity. Designed by leading Neurologist, Professor Con Yiannikas and refined with input from other leading injectors, the software contains comprehensive clinical resources such as interactive 3D anatomy with movable muscle layers, surface anatomy, cadaver and EMG footage as well as case studies. In addition, simple inputs automatically generate a report for referrers, and a data suite allows you to track key aspects of treatment over time.

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